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Vaccines in the UK have more deaths than corona



Vaccines in the UK have more deaths than corona

The only way to prevent corona is to get the vaccine. Experts from all over the world are motivating people to get the vaccine so that this epidemic can be controlled. However, many people are expressing concern about a new report on vaccination by Public Health England (PHE).

According to a report by PHE, in the UK, more people who get vaccinated are dying of corona than those who are not vaccinated. According to the report, between February 1 and June 21, 257 people who were infected with the delta variant of Covid died. Out of 257, 163 people (63.4%) were given both doses of the vaccine.

Vaccines in the UK have more deaths than corona
Image Source- Google | Image By- Reuters

At first glance, this report may seem shocking, but experts say that it is exactly what was expected. Experts say that it can be understood in such a way that suppose everyone has received both doses of the vaccine, but still not all lives can be saved.

Experts say that even after getting the vaccine, some people may die after being infected with corona. This does not mean that the vaccine is not effective or does not reduce the risk of death. On getting older, the risk of dying from corona of the patient doubles. For example, a 70-year-old person is 32 times more likely to die from corona than a 35-year-old who does not get the vaccine.

Vaccines in the UK have more deaths than corona
Image Source- Google | Image by- The Guardian

Statistics show that even after getting the vaccine, the risk of death from corona remains in the elderly as compared to the youth. According to PHE data, the risk of hospitalization after being infected with the delta variant decreases by 96% after taking both the corona vaccines.

According to the data, it is being speculated that the vaccine reduces the risk of hospitalization but does not completely prevent death, especially in the elderly. Nevertheless, the risk of death in sick people who get both doses is greatly reduced compared to those who do not get the vaccine already sick.

Vaccines in the UK have more deaths than corona
Image Source- Google | Image By- wsj

However, this data does not fully fit the current circumstances because in the second wave, corona infected the youth more than the elderly. In such a situation, the risk of death due to not getting the vaccine is also high among the youth.

Experts say that no vaccine can completely prevent death, but it can reduce its chances to a great extent. The vaccine is very effective in protecting against variants of corona. Therefore, it is necessary for everyone to get both doses of the vaccine for complete protection.

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IAS Deepak Rawat Biography



This story is of Uttarakhand’s popular IAS officer Deepak Rawat, who is always in the headlines due to his works. Sometimes by raiding and sometimes by singing. Because of these works, he is also the favorite officer of the people.

IAS Deepak Rawat
Image Credit- The Personage

Wherever DM Deepak Rawat goes, he gets a lot of love from the people. Such is the effect of his popularity among the people and the blessings of the poor that DM Deepak Rawat has become a big disaster for the bribe-takers and the corrupt.

IAS Deepak Rawat Biodata

Deepak Rawat was born on 24 September 1977. He is originally from Mussoorie. He did his schooling from Mussoorie’s St. from Georges College. After doing 12th he came to Delhi for higher education.

Deepak Rawat did his graduation from Hansraj College, Delhi, after which he did his post 

graduation in History from JNU.

IAS Deepak Rawat

Deepak Rawat was very interested in electronic gadgets in his childhood. Once his father even talked about his job in an electronic shop in Mussoorie.

In the third time itself, Deepak Rawat had passed the UPSC Examination in 2007, he was trained from Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie. Before becoming an IAS officer, he was the Managing Director in Kumao Development Board.

IAS Deepak Rawat
Image Credit- News Bugz

Deepak came to know about the UPSC exam from Anil Kumar Raturi, a senior IPS officer from Uttarakhand who also served as the DGP of Uttarakhand. Anil Kumar was one of his immediate neighbours.

IAS Deepak Rawat married life

Deepak Rawat tells that when he was studying in JNU, he got a letter on which it was written that you like me very much, he thought that his friends did it. After a few days, when friends were asked, everyone agreed, then Deepak Rawat tried to find out, then after a few days he came to know which girl had written a letter on their door. She is today his wife, whose name is Vijeta, and today he has two children. A boy and a girl.

IAS Deepak Rawat

national honor

In 2019, District Magistrate Deepak Rawat was honored with the National Award in Delhi for his excellent work in the National Nutrition Mission campaign. The award was presented by Union Minister Smriti Irani by presenting a memento and a citation to Deepak Rawat. Deepak Rawat dedicated the national honor to Anganwadi workers.

Where is Deepak Rawat DM?

Deepak Rawat is a 2012 batch IAS officer who is currently in the post of DM in Haridwar, before that Deepak Rawat was the DM of Nainital and before that Deepak Rawat was the MD of Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam. In 2005 he was selected for JRF.

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EPF Benefits and Steps for Payment Withdrawal from EPF



Benefits from EPF and Steps for Payment Withdrawal from EPF

EPF : Whenever most of us want to invest money, we primarily think to achieve three financial goals – create more money, have a regular income through pension when we retire, and secure our family’s future.

And while we buy different financial products to meet each of these goals, there is one more product that helps to achieve all three goals. 

The majority of us not only know about it but also invest in it because it is a part of our salary. The product is Employee Provident Fund or EPF.

When you are working in a corporate sector in which 20 or more employees are involved then it is a liability of the employer to provide benefits through it. 

It is the right of every employee who is working in corporate sectors 

In this article,I will try to define the simple meaning of EPF for you .I also look at how it works, the interest rate you can earn through it, and withdrawal rules of its.

What is EPF? 


Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) is a retirement benefit scheme maintained by the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). 

The employee and the employer contribute to the EPF scheme on a monthly basis in equal proportions of 12% of the basic salary and dearness allowance. 

Out of the employer’s contribution, 8.33% is directed towards the Employee Pension Scheme.

EPF: The Basic Construct

The EPF is not only one scheme. It actually consists of three different schemes with three different objectives. 

  • The first part is where your retirement benefits are collected. This is basically the wealth generation part of the scheme.
  • The second part is the employee pension scheme (EPS). The purpose of EPS is to generate pension for employees after the age of 58 years. 
  • The third and final part is the Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme or EDLI, which is a life insurance cover. 

The good thing is that you don’t need to register separately for all these benefits. When you register for EPF, you are automatically registered for EPS and EDLI as well.

EPF is the main scheme under the Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Act, 1952. The employee and employer each contribute 12% of the employee’s basic salary and dearness allowance towards it. 

Currently, the rate of interest on EPF deposits is 8.50% p.a. (2021 – 2022)

Eligibility Criteria 

  • According to the rule of Employees Provident Fund, any employee whose salary is more than 15k per month at the joining period, who is not eligible  and called a non – eligible employee. 
  • Only those who are earning less than 15k salary per month are eligible to become members of EPF. 
  • The whole of India (except the states of Jammu and Kashmir) can benefit from the provisions in the EPF scheme. 
  • As per law, it is mandatory for organisations to register for the Employees Provident Fund scheme if they have more than 20 employees working for them.

Point to be noted (Did You Know) 

  • With the permission of the Assistant PF Commissioner, an employee earning 15k above the salary will become a member of EPF, if both he and his employee agree. 
  • With effect from June 1st, 2021, it is mandatory to link your Aadhaar with your EPF Account. If not, the employer’s contribution will not get credited to your account. Click here to know how to link Aadhaar with your EPF account.

Key Points about EPF Contribution:

  • 12% Employer’s contribution includes 3.67% EPF and 8.33% EPS
  • 10% EPF share is valid for the organizations where there are 20 or less than 20 employees /organizations with losses incurred more than or equal to the net worth (at the end of financial year) /organizations declared sick by the Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction
  • Total contribution made by the employer is distributed as 8.33% towards Employees’ Pension Scheme and 3.67% towards Employees’ Provident Fund.
  • The contribution made by the employee goes totally towards the provident fund of the employee.
  • Apart from the above-made contributions, an additional 0.5% towards EDLI has to be paid by the employer.
  • Certain administration costs towards EDLI and EPF standing at the rate of 1.1% and 0.01% respectively also have to be incurred by the employer.
  • This means that the employer has to contribute a total of 13.61% of the salary towards this scheme. 

Employees Provident Funds Benefits

Benefits of EPF

EPF scheme is among one of the largest and biggest saving schemes available to Indian employees. The key benefits of the scheme are mentioned below:

  • It helps in saving money for the long term. 
  • There is no requirement to make a single, lump-sum investment. Deductions are made on a monthly basis from the employee’s salary and it helps in saving a huge amount of money over a long period.
  • It can help an employee financially during an emergency.
  • It helps in saving money at the time of retirement and helps an individual maintain a good lifestyle.
  • With the help of the Universal Account Number (UAN), employees can easily get access to their PF account via the EPF member portal. They can transfer their accounts whenever they make a shift in their current jobs.
  • In case of death of the employee, the collected amount along with the interest is given to the employee’s nominee thus helping the family tide through difficult times.

Steps to EPF withdrawal and claim online 

Withdraw from EPF
  • Sign in to the UAN Member Portal with your UAN id and Password.
  • From the top menu bar, click on the ‘Online Services’ tab and select ‘Claim (Form-31, 19 & 10C)’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Member Details will be displayed on the screen. Enter the last 4 digits of your bank account and click on ‘Verify‘
  • Click on ‘Yes’ to sign the certificate of undertaking and proceed further
  • Now click on the ‘Proceed for Online Claim’ option
  • Select ‘PF Advance (Form 31)’ to withdraw your funds online
  • A new section of the form will open, wherein you have to select the ‘Purpose for which advance is required’, the amount required and the employee’s address
  • It is worth noting that all options for which the employee is not eligible for withdrawal will be mentioned in red.
  • Tick on the certification and submit your application
  • You may have to submit scanned documents depending on the purpose for which you have filled the form
  • Your employer has to approve your withdrawal request after which the money will be withdrawn from your EPF account and deposited in the bank account mentioned at the time of filling the withdrawal form.
  • SMS notification will be sent to your mobile number registered with EPFO. Once the claim is processed, the amount will be transferred to your bank account.
  • Although no formal time limit has been provided by the EPFO, the money usually gets credited within 15-20 days. 


  1. Can I contribute a higher amount to my EPF account? 

Yes, you can contribute a higher amount to your EPF account by the help of the Voluntary   Provident Fund (VPF)

  1. After one stops working, can they still contribute to EPF?

    No, According to the rules of EPFO,  when a person stops working then he/she cannot

contribute to it. 


  1. Can an employer reduce the employer’s share of EPF contribution?

No, the employers cannot reduce their share of EPF contribution. Such a reduction is considered a criminal offence.

  1. How is EPF contribution calculated if the employee is paid on a daily or partly basis?

The contribution amount is calculated by the salary that is paid in a calendar month.

  1. Can an employee join EPF directly?

No, an employee cannot join EPF directly. Under EPF & MF Act ,1952 .He/she must work for an organisation.

  1. Can an apprentice become a member of the EPF?

No, an apprentice cannot become a member of the EPF, but he/she must enroll for it as soon as he/she becomes an  employee. 

  1. Is there any age restriction for an employee to become a member of EPF?

No, there is no age restriction for an employee to become a member of the Provident Fund. 

However, if the employee has already crossed the age of 58 years, he/she cannot become a member of the Pension Fund. 

  1. Is PAN mandatory for EPF withdrawal?

Yes, PAN is mandatory for EPF withdrawal/settlement in order to keep away from tax deductions. If you fail to submit a PAN, the tax deducted at source (TDS) can be as high as 30%.

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Rituraj Gaikwad’s explosive innings… left Hussey behind in this case



Rituraj Gaikwad’s performance was seen in the first match of the second phase of IPL 2021. This opener of Chennai Super Kings (CSK) played a brilliant innings of 88 not out against Mumbai Indians. In this innings, Rituraj faced 58 balls and hit nine fours and three sixes. The sixth half-century in the IPL career of 24-year-old Rituraj. Thanks to his innings, Chennai Super Kings scored 156 runs for six wickets in the stipulated 20 overs.

Rituraj Gaikwad's
Image Source- Google | Image By- World Daily news24

Rituraj Gaikwad’s Inning

Rituraj also set a special record during his innings. He has now become the highest run-scorer for CSK in a match against Mumbai Indians in IPL. Earlier, Michael Hussey played the biggest innings for CSK against Mumbai. Hussey played an unbeaten 86 in Delhi in 2013. Apart from this, Suresh Raina scored 83 runs at the Brabourne Stadium in 2010.

Csk’s Inning

Talking about the match, CSK captain MS Dhoni won the toss and decided to bat first at the Dubai Cricket Stadium. But Chennai had a bad start and in six overs of the powerplay, the team got out four players for a total of 24 runs. While Faf du Plessis (0 runs) and Suresh Raina (4) were dismissed by Trent Boult, Moeen Ali (0 runs) and captain MS Dhoni (3) became the victims of Adam Milne. Ambati Rayudu (0, retired hurt) also got injured during this.

Rituraj Gaikwad's
Image Source- Google | Image By- Sportzwiki

After this, Rituraj Gaikwad (88 not out) and Ravindra Jadeja (26 runs) took over the team by adding 81 runs for the fifth wicket. Dwayne Bravo also scored 23 runs in the last over, which included three sixes. Trent Boult, Jasprit Bumrah and Adam Milne took two wickets each for Mumbai Indians.

After this, Rituraj Gaikwad (88 not out) and Ravindra Jadeja (26 runs) took over the team by adding 81 runs for the fifth wicket. Dwayne Bravo also scored 23 runs in the last over, which included three sixes. Trent Boult, Jasprit Bumrah and Adam Milne took two wickets each for Mumbai Indians.

Chasing Chennai’s target of 157 runs, Mumbai’s team could only manage 136 for 8 in front of the sharp bowling of Dwayne Bravo (3 for 25) and Deepak Chahar (2 for 19). For Mumbai, Saurabh Tiwary (50 not out in 40 balls, five fours) managed to cross the 20-run mark. Super Kings won by 20 runs against Mumbai Indians. Rituraj Gaikwad was the man of the match.

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Challenges and Opportunities of Electric Cars in India, Tax Incentives for Electric Cars



Electric Cars

Electric Cars are the future of our technological world because They are 100% eco – friendly, they run on electrically powered engines.

Thus Every year we have seen automakers upgrade the old ones into new and also align more best electric vehicles. 

Everyone is working on electric vehicles to make it best electric vehicle from well known established companies to new ones. They have less fuel consumption and maintenance costs. 

It can help to improve fuel economy, lower fuel costs and reduce outflow. Best Electric Cars are eco-friendly for us.

So to know about the challenges and opportunities of Electric Cars,We have to first understand the meaning of electric cars,Why are they Important for us? How do they all work? 

What is the meaning of Electric Car? 

How do all electric cars work? 

Power Stations

An Electric Car is a type of electric vehicle which is run by an electric motor powered by electricity through batteries or a fuel cell. 

Charging an electric car can be done by charging stations which are installed in both houses and public areas. 

The charging time for an electric car ranges from 30minutes to 12 hours depending upon speed of electricity and size of battery. 

The purpose for using electric vehicles is to serve an eco-friendly environment to all because these don’t use exhaust systems and have no emission.

Best Electric Cars help to achieve clean air and fewer green houses. 

It is estimated by consumer reports that the average life of an electric vehicle is nearly 17 years of use if d 12000miles yearly driven. 

Advantages of Electric Cars

  • No Gas required 
  • More Convenient 
  • Save money and fuel 
  • No Emissions
  • Popularity 
  • Safe to drive
  • Cost Effective
  • Low Maintenance 
  • Reduce noise pollution 
  • Battery life and cost 
  • Easy driving 

There may be disadvantages also but advantages are more than disadvantages. 

Why are Electric Cars Important for us? 

Electric cars come with many benefits and a nice range of luxury and more budget-friendly options available in addition to the environmental implications.

There are 5 reasons why they are Important for us and also for our Future. 

Electric Cars are cheaper in the long run. 

They are cheaper because they are running on fuel based engines, which need less wear and tear, less servicing and repairs cost. 

They are cheaper than petrol or diesel. 

Government incentives are increasing Electric Vehicles production. 

Governments  around the world continue to provide policy-driven support for electric cars production and adoption. The main regulatory incentive is to decrease CO2 emissions to achieve a future where zero-emission vehicles are the norm. 

Thus, countries like Norway are starting to make pledges to phase out internal combustion engine vehicle sales.

Electric Cars are Eco Friendly and better for health. 

Reduced harmful exhaust emissions is good news for our health. Better air quality will lead to less health problems and costs caused by air pollution3. They are also quieter than petrol/diesel cars, which means less noise pollution. 

The environmental, and health benefits of switching to electric Cars is pushing both industries in that direction. Constant regulatory resolutions aid this. 

Electric Cars are better for Networks 

They will help us :
  • better to utilise the electricity network. 
  • Electric Cars owners avoid higher-cost charging periods
  • the entire electricity system work more efficiently
  • to support the integration of more small and large-scale renewable energy systems into the electricity grid.
  • A more enjoyable driving experience. 

One of the first things people notice about electric cars is how quiet they are.  They have a lower center of gravity, which provides both driving and safety benefits.

Now it’s time to draw an attention towards Challenges and Opportunities of Electric Cars in India and Tax Incentives for Electric Cars

Challenges of Electric Cars in India 

Challenges of Electric Cars in India

As per latest industry report, India’s Electric Vehicles market is estimated to come out as a $7.09 billion opportunity by the year 2025. Furthermore, the Indian government is also renovating  measures with an aim to achieve 100% electric vehicles  mobility by 2030. 

In fact, the Indian Electric Cars market is expected to witness a robust CAGR growth of 42.38%.

However, the estimation of growth is also accomplished by concerns about certain specific challenges related to inadequate supply chain, certain government policies, consumer behavior, infrastructure, etc. 

These challenges must be duly considered by the foreign investors to formulate an adequate India market entry strategy and avail assistance from India entry strategy consulting firms to achieve the desired results. 

Let’s have a look at such challenges 

Range Anxiety

The charging infrastructure is very weak in rural populated areas. This is the question on everyone’s mind who is going to purchase an electric car before purchasing. 

They are often worried about the capability of electric cars to reach their destination before the battery dies out and in the absence of a charging point. 

Lack of Trained Personnel

While the technology is still new and is being accepted more day by day. 

The repair and maintenance network is still very less as compared with ICE cars. 

The lack of people skilled in Electric CARS maintenance is one of the major causes of this challenge. 

High Initial Cost

Electric Cars are very expensive in comparison to ICE cars,which gives rise to Uncertain consumer Behaviour. 

The average starting price of an electric car in India is about approx 13 lacs, whereas the average price of a regular fuel powered car is approx 4.5 lacs. 

Lesser Battery Technology 

The fact is that Our country lacks certain minerals (cobalt and lithium) which are used to produce electric batteries. 

It negatively impacts the country’s aim to become an Electric Cars Users. 

Supply Chain Problems 

The number of choices a consumer has to purchase an electric car is less as compared with purchasing an ICE. 

Opportunities of Electric Cars in India 

Electric Power Stations

The list of business opportunities of Electric Vehicles in India are

  • Establish Electric Cars fleet
  • Electric Vehicles leasing 
  • Public Charging Stations
  • Swapping Stations
  • Battery Recycling Business 
  • Grid Energy Storage 
  • Electric Vehicles service and maintenance 
  • Battery pack and cell manufacturing 
  • Solar integrated Electric Vehicles Charging 
  • Electric Vehicles training services 

Tax Incentives for Electric Vehicles 

Tax Incentives

In the union budget 2019, the government has announced a tax incentive plan to purchase electric cars .

 In the budget speech, the finance minister has stated that advanced batteries and registered e-vehicles will be incentivised under the scheme. 

A new section 80 EEB has been introduced allowing a deduction for interest paid on loan taken for the purchase of electric vehicles from the AY 2020-21.

Features of Section 80 EEB

  • This deduction is only applicable to an individual,not to any other taxpayers. 
  • This deduction would apply to those who purchase an electric car for personal use, to claim the interest paid on electric vehicles. 
  • In case of business use, an individual can also claim the deduction up to Rs 1,50,000 under section 80 EEB. 

Any interest payments above Rs 1,50,000 can be claimed as a business expense. To claim as a business expense, it is necessary that the vehicle should be registered in the name of the owner or the business enterprise.

Conditions to claim the deduction 

Tax Conditions
  • The loan must be taken from a financial institution or a non-banking financial company for buying an electric vehicle.
  • The loan must be sanctioned anytime during the period starting from 1 April 2019 till 31 March 2023.
  • “Electric vehicle” has been defined to mean a vehicle which is powered exclusively by an electric motor whose traction energy is supplied exclusively by traction battery installed in the vehicle and has such electric regenerative braking system, which during braking provides for the conversion of vehicle kinetic energy into electrical energy. 

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Director Rohit Shetty emotionally says about stunts “There is no respect for this work”



Director Rohit Shetty

One of the best action directors of Bollywood, known for some blockbusters such as Chennai Express, Singham, Simmba and more, Director Rohit Shetty recently talked about stunts on the Dance Deewane 3. While talking about it, he got emotional, so much that he almost teared up.

Director Rohit Shetty
Image Source- Google | Image By- Jhalak

In a promo of Dance Deewane 3 shared by Colors channel, we can see a stuntman performing dangerous stunts by which Rohit gets very impressed and then emotional. He says (in a tearful voice) “I have seen dad used to do all this since childhood, I will only say that this work does not get so much respect.”

This has to be the most emotional we have seen Director Rohit Shetty on TV and not only him, others (Bharti Singh, Neha Kakkar and Madhuri Dixit) also went emotional there.

Director Rohit Shetty
Image Source- Google | Image By- News Track

Apart from emotional scenes, promo had some laughing moments too. We can see Madhuri, rohit and Bharti having some fun too.

By the way, this mahasangram episode of Dance Deewane 3 and Khatron Ke Khiladi is going to air this Saturday. Finalists from both the shows were present there.

Director Rohit Shetty
Image Source- Google | Image by- YesPunjab

Divyanka Tripathi, Arjun Bijlani, Rahul Vaidya, Shweta Tiwari and Vishal Aditya Singh were from KKK11 and others were from Dance Deewane 3.

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A flight journey of 200 crores, the government had to cost dearly to send the person back to his country



A flight journey: On deporting a person to Britain, the government there spent 17 million pounds i.e. about Rs 1,72,14,29,197 and this has been disclosed by The Sun.

According to the report, in October last year, the 218-seater plane took off with only one passenger and 14 back-up staff with taxpayers’ money, costing more than one billion rupees.

A flight journey
Image Source- Google | Image By- Times Of India

Under Operation Esparto, so much money was spent last year to deport only one person. According to the report, the ministers spent an average of 13,354 pounds i.e. Rs 13,52,233 on every person deported (out of the country) in the last three months.

Its total budget reached 17.1 million pounds. The people who were deported back to their country were all criminals, illegal migrants and illegal asylum seekers. They were forcibly sent to their native country.

A flight journey
Image Source- Google | Image By- Asianet Newsable

According to the data of the Immigration Enforcement Department, in the last year 2020, 6 flights were operated to deport such people. The biggest trip in this was to Albania where 34 people were deported. There were 121 employees on this plane.

A flight journey
Image Source- Google | Image by- The Federal News

At the same time, 267-seater jet aircraft were used to deport only three people to France and Italy, which cost crores of rupees.

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Captain Amarinder Singh resigns as the Chief Minister of Punjab



Punjab’s so-far Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh resigned as the state chief minister on Saturday and submitted his resignation to the governor of the state Banwari Lal Purohit.

This decision after a meeting of legislators close to the CM and it took place at Captain’s official residence in Chandigarh.

Captain Amarinder Singh
Image Source- Google | Image By- Times Of India

Amarinder Singh informed that he will continue to be a part of the Congress party and will decide his the future course of action after consulting with his supporters. He also said that high command can make anyone that have faith in, the next CM.

His resignation comes 4 months ahead of the Punjab state elections.

“…indeed must go now as I am proud to accompany my father to Raj Bhawan when he submits his resignation as CM of Punjab and leads us as head of our family into a new beginning et all,” Raninder (son of Amarinder Singh) wrote on Twitter.

It is being said that 50 MLAs wrote to Sonia Gandhi asking that Amarinder Singh be replaced as Chief Minister.

Captain Amarinder Singh
Image Source- Google | Image By- Punjab News Express

Earlier in the day Amarinder Singh called Sonia Gandhi and expressed that it was humiliating to him.

“I feel humiliated” said Captain Amarinder Singh after submitting resignation.

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Sonu Sood is perhaps being investigated by IT dept over 20 crore tax evasion



Recently, income tax department raided some premises of actor Sonu Sood in Mumbai and according to the reports, some incriminating evidence may have been found against Sonu Sood in relation to tax evasion.

Sonu Sood
Image Source- Google | Image By- OpIndia

Central Board of Direct Taxes may be of the belief that Sonu Sood was routing his unaccounted income as unsecured loans from various bogus organizations.

“It has also been revealed that these bogus loans have been used for making investments and acquiring properties. The total amount of tax evaded unearthed so far, amounts to more than Rs. 20 crore,” I-T authorities said.

Sonu Sood
Image Source- google | Image By- The Siasat Daily

“The Charity Foundation incorporated by the actor on 21st July, 2020 has collected donations to the tune of Rs 18.94 crore from 01.04.2021 till date, out of which it has spent around Rs. 1.9 crore towards various relief work and the balance of Rs. 17 crore has been found lying unutilized in the bank account of the Foundation till date. It is seen that funds to the tune of Rs. 2.1 crore have also been raised by the Charity Foundation from overseas donors on a crowd funding platform in violation of FCRA regulations,” according to I-T.

Sonu Sood
Image Source- Google | Image By- Times Of India

As part of their search and seizure operation, IT department has also raided a Lucknow builder who is accused of possessing more than 65 crores rupees of unaccounted income. However, about both the cases, the investigation is still going on

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Virat kohli steps down from T-20 captaincy, here’s how Anushka Sharma reacted



Virat recently announced that he has decide to step away from T-20 captaincy after ICC World cup. A day after that his wife and an amazing actress Anushka Sharma reacted to his post on social media.

Anushka posted the screenshot of Virat Kohli’s statement along with a heart emoji on her Instagram story.

Anushka Sharma
Image Source- Google | Image By- Outlook India

Right after playing this T-20 world cup this year, Virat Kohli will cease to be the captain of Indian T-20 cricket team. The ICC T-20 world cup is going to begin from October 17 to November 14 in UAE and Oman.

Here’s is the post virat kohli shared about him leaving the captaincy. Anushka Sharma reacted

“I have been fortunate enough to not only represent India, but also lead the Indian cricket team to my utmost capability.

“I thank everyone who has supported me in my journey as the captain of the Indian cricket team.

Anushka Sharma
Image Source- Google | Image By- PinkVilla

“I couldn’t have done it without them – the boys, the support staff, the selection committee, my coaches and each and every Indian who prayed for us to win.

“Understanding workload is a very important thing and considering my immense workload over the last eight-nine years playing all three formats and captaining regularly for last five-six years, I feel I need to give myself space to be fully ready to lead the Indian Team in Test and ODI Cricket.

“I have given everything to the team during my time as T20 captain and I will continue to do so for the T20 Team as a batsman moving forward.

Anushka Sharma
Image Source- Google | Image By- Times Now

“Of course, arriving at this decision took a lot of time.

“After a lot of contemplation and discussions with my close people, Ravi bhai (Shastri) and also Rohit, who have been an essential part of the leadership group, I’ve decided to step down as the T20 captain after this T20 World Cup in Dubai in October.

“I have also spoken to the secretary Mr Jay Shah and the President of BCCI Mr Sourav Ganguly along with all the selectors about the same. I will continue to serve Indian Cricket and the Indian team to the best of my ability.”

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How right is the timing for Virat Kohli to step down as T20 captain?



Just before the Indian cricket team is ready to go to the T20 World Cup, a big shocking decision has come in front of the country. Virat Kohli announced on Thursday that he will step down from the captaincy of the T20 format after the T20 World Cup. However, Virat will continue to captain the team in ODI cricket and Test cricket. Signs of this decision were visible for some time, but no one expected that this announcement would come just before the World Cup.

Virat Kohli
Image Source- Google | Image By- Times Of India

Still many questions are being raised on this decision of Virat Kohli, but if we look at this decision from every point of view, then how right and how wrong it looks, it will be a matter of note.

How right is Virat Kohli’s decision?

The T20 World Cup of the year 2016 was played by the Indian team under the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, which he missed out on winning. Shortly after that MS Dhoni had decided to step down from the captaincy and Virat Kohli had become the full-time captain. If we look at the statistics in ODI and T20 formats, then between 2017 and 2021, the Indian team under the leadership of Virat Kohli has created a lot of history.

Virat Kohli
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But Virat Kohli has not been able to win any major tournament, ICC trophy. Which has been the biggest regret. It is also worth noting that the last time India won an ICC trophy was in 2013, that is, that thing is also going to be a decade. In such a situation, questions were constantly being raised on Virat Kohli, especially about his captaincy in limited overs.

The other aspect is also that Virat Kohli’s bat has been calm for the last 3 years, he has also mentioned that the workload, the pressure of captaincy has remained on him for some time. In such a situation, if Virat Kohli is able to leave the captaincy of one format and focus on his batting, then it can be better for the Indian team.

Virat Kohli
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Virat has only left the captaincy of T20, in such a situation the question was arising that he should have given up the captaincy of ODIs also so that the captains of white ball and red ball could be different. But this decision of Virat proves to be correct even here because there is a 50-over cricket World Cup in 2023, in such a situation, if Virat Kohli leaves the captaincy of that format, then the new captain may take time to form his team.

In such a situation, it is important to go to the World Cup with the captain who has been building the team for a long time. But there is also another aspect that if Virat Kohli’s captaincy does not do any wonders in this T20 World Cup, then the matter may get stuck further.

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