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Mix Veg Recipe:Govardhan Puja 2021 : Day and Time



Govardhan Puja
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Mix Veg is one of the foods that is prepared for Lord Annakut or Govardhan. 

Govardhan Puja, also known as Annakut Puja, is celebrated on Friday, November 5, 2021 that is the Day after Diwali. 

This day marks as the day when Lord Krishna defeated God Indra.

Govardhan Puja 2021 date and time

Date – Friday, November 5, 2021

Pratahkal Muhurat – 06:36 AM to 08:47 AM

Sayankala Muhurat – 03:22 PM to 05:33 PM

Pratipada Tithi Begins – 02:44 AM on Nov 05, 2021

Pratipada Tithi Ends – 11:14 PM on Nov 05, 2021

Govardhan Puja

  • According to mythology, Govardhan Puja is celebrated on Pratipada Tithi of Kartik month. 
  • Depending on the starting time of Pratipada, Govardhan Puja day might fall one day before Amavasya day on Hindu calendar.
  • On this day food made of cereals like wheat, rice, curry made of gram flour, and leafy vegetables is cooked and offered to Lord Krishna. In Maharashtra, the same day is celebrated as Bali Pratipada or Bali Padva. 
  • The day also marks the victory of Vamana, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, over King Bali and subsequent pushing of Bali to Patal Lok (the underworld).
  •  It is believed that due to a boon given by Lord Vamana, Asura King Bali visits the Prithvi Lok from the Patala Lok on this day.

Mix Veg RecipeMix Veg  

Prep Time 10 mins

Cook Time 40 mins

Total Time 50 mins 

Mix Veg Ingredients 

Vegetables Roasted

▢3 tsp oil

▢12 cubes paneer / cottage cheese (cubed)

▢2 tbsp almonds / badam (blanched)

▢1 potato / aloo (chopped)

▢½ carrot (chopped)

▢½ cup cauliflower / gobi (florets)

▢4 beans (chopped)

▢¼ cup peas / matar

▢¼ capsicum (chopped)

Tomato puree:

▢2 tomato (chopped)

▢1 inch cinnamon

▢5 clove

▢2 pods cardamom

▢12  almonds / badam (blanched)


▢4 tsp oil

▢1 bay leaf / tej patta

▢1 tsp cumin / jeera

▢2 tsp kasuri methi

▢green chilli 1

▢onion (finely chopped) 1

▢1 tsp ginger garlic paste

▢¼ tsp turmeric

▢1 tsp kashmiri red chilli powder / lal mirch powder

▢1 tsp coriander powder

▢½ tsp garam masala

▢1 tsp salt

▢½ cup curd / yogurt (whisk)

▢½ cup water

▢2 tbsp cream / malai

▢2 tbsp coriander (finely chopped)


  1. Fry 12 cubes of paneer in 3 tsp of oil, and keep aside.
  1. Then in the same oil saute 2 tbsp blanched almonds till they turn golden brown.
  1. Add 1 chopped potato, ½ carrot and fried for 3 minutes.
  1. Add ½ cup cauliflower, 4 beans and ¼ cup peas. Fried for another 3 minutes.
  1. Now add ¼ capsicum and continue to fry for another minute.
  1. Now,keep all the vegetables aside.
  1. Prepare the curry by heating 4 tsp oil and fry 1 bay leaf, 1 tsp cumin, 2 tsp kasuri methi and 1 green chilli.
  1. Fry 1 onion and 1 tsp ginger garlic paste till they turn  golden brown.
  1. Add ¼ tsp turmeric, 1 tsp red chilli powder, 1 tsp coriander powder, ¼ tsp garam masala and 1 tsp salt.
  1. Fry for a minute or till the spices get cooked completely.
  1. Now prepare tomato paste by taking 2 chopped tomatoes in a blender.
  1. Add 1 inch cinnamon, 5 cloves, 2 pods cardamom and 12 blanched almonds.
  1. Blend to smooth paste without adding any extra water.
  1. Transfer the prepared tomato puree to kadai and mix well.
  1. Cover and cook for 5 minutes or till oil is released from masala paste.
  1. Lower the flame and add ½ cup whisked curd. stir continuously, without allowing curd to curdle.
  1. Now add in roasted mixed vegetables and mix well.
  1. Add ½ cup water or as required and mix well, adjusting consistency.
  1. Cover and continue to cook for another 10 minutes, or till vegetables are cooked completely.
  1. Turn off the flame and add 2 tbsp cream, 1 tsp kasuri methi and 2 tbsp coriander. mix well.
  1. finally, serve mix vegetable curry / mix veg recipe with puri 


  • Firstly, add vegetables of your choice like broccoli, mushrooms or beetroot.
  • Roasting vegetables will enhance the flavour, however to reduce the oil, steam / boil the vegetables.
  • You can replace almonds with cashew for a creamy texture.
  • Additionally, add whisked curd to prevent curd from curdling.
  • Finally, the mixed vegetable curry / mixed veg recipe tastes great when prepared slightly creamy.

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