Manyavar ad: Alia Bhatt surrounded by ‘Kanyadaan’ ad, know the importance of this tradition in Hinduism

Bollywood’s cute actress Alia Bhatt has been embroiled in controversies regarding Manyavar’s ‘Kanyadaan’ ad. In which advertisement of clothing brand Manyavar, instead of Kanyadan, now KanyaMaan has been talked about. There is outrage on social media about him. A campaign to boycott Manyavar has started on Twitter. 


In this advertisement, Alia Bhatt has been dressed as a bride and the tradition of Kanyadaan has been questioned. In this advertisement, Alia Bhatt asks, am I a charity? Let us tell you that in Hindu culture, Kanyadan is considered to be the biggest donation. Let us tell you about the tradition of Kanyadaan and its importance.

marriage ceremony is important


The foundation of Hinduism rests on 16 major rites. One of these is also an important marriage ceremony. There are many rituals in this sanskar, after which the bride and groom are tied in the bondage of seven births. The most important ritual in the marriage ceremony is Kanyadaan i.e. the donation of a girl (daughter). It is said that when the father of the daughter donates, then the groom (boy) has to fulfill all the responsibilities related to the girl’s life.

this is recognition (Kanyadaan)

According to Hindu religious texts, the groom is considered to be the form of Lord Vishnu in the marriage ceremony. When the girl’s father hands over his daughter’s hand to the groom following religious rituals, the groom assures the girl’s father that he will take full care of his daughter. Will take all the responsibilities of his daughter.


 This sanskar is called Kanyadaan. According to Hindu religious texts, Kanyadaan is considered as Mahadan. Simply put, there can be no greater charity than this. Marriage is not considered complete without Kanyadan.

This is how this tradition started


According to mythology, Daksha Prajapati had donated his daughters after getting married. The 27 constellations are said to be the daughters of Prajapati, who was married to the Moon. He was the first to entrust his daughters to the moon, so that the operation of the universe progresses and the culture develops.

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