Kartik Aaryan lost his way on the mountains, the policemen surrounded him, started taking selfies

Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan is a charmer. Karthik has achieved a big position in a short time on the basis of his hard work. From Karthik’s acting to his style and good looks, fans are crazy. Karthik has also made many Bollywood celebs his fans with his charm. Now a very interesting video has surfaced, it can be seen in the video that even the policemen could not stop themselves from enjoying their fan moment after seeing Karthik Aryan.

Kartik Aaryan
Image Source- Google | Image By- Times Of India

Policemen got excited seeing Kartik Aaryan

Kartik Aaryan
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Actually, Karthik Aryan is shooting for his upcoming film Freddy in Panchgani. While driving on the hills, Karthik had taken a wrong turn, due to which he lost his way. But on the way, he met some policemen, who helped him by telling him the right way, but at the same time he could not stop his excitement after seeing Karthik Aryan.

Policemen took selfie

In the video you can see that the policemen get very happy seeing Karthik. He helps Karthik by telling him the right path, but first clicks a selfie with him. Taking a selfie with Karthik, the cops also ask – Sir, are you not late for shooting, to which Karthik jokingly replies – No, but sir (other cops) will definitely make him lie down.

Kartik Aaryan
Image Source- Google| Image by- Times Of India

The special thing is that the policemen ask them to remove their sunglasses to take a selfie with the actor. The video of the fan moment of the policemen with Karthik is becoming increasingly viral on the internet. Mixed reactions of users are coming out on this video. Some are trolling the policemen for taking photos in the middle of duty, while some users are finding this video very adorable.

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