A flight journey of 200 crores, the government had to cost dearly to send the person back to his country

A flight journey: On deporting a person to Britain, the government there spent 17 million pounds i.e. about Rs 1,72,14,29,197 and this has been disclosed by The Sun.

According to the report, in October last year, the 218-seater plane took off with only one passenger and 14 back-up staff with taxpayers’ money, costing more than one billion rupees.

A flight journey
Image Source- Google | Image By- Times Of India

Under Operation Esparto, so much money was spent last year to deport only one person. According to the report, the ministers spent an average of 13,354 pounds i.e. Rs 13,52,233 on every person deported (out of the country) in the last three months.

Its total budget reached 17.1 million pounds. The people who were deported back to their country were all criminals, illegal migrants and illegal asylum seekers. They were forcibly sent to their native country.

A flight journey
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According to the data of the Immigration Enforcement Department, in the last year 2020, 6 flights were operated to deport such people. The biggest trip in this was to Albania where 34 people were deported. There were 121 employees on this plane.

A flight journey
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At the same time, 267-seater jet aircraft were used to deport only three people to France and Italy, which cost crores of rupees.

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