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10 Best Photo Editing Apps for all Devices



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The best photo editing apps can enhance and upgrade your photos by using Photo Editing Apps Tools.

Whether you are not a professional Photo Editor.  Whatever your photo subject, your photo will look best after using one of these. These apps are  good because all can operate on any device. 

As you all know, photography is the best way to capture the best moments of your life,also to show profile pictures and so on.

So all of you want to edit your photos for today’s trend.Also 22% of Marketers say visual images are the most important form of content for their business.

Photo Editing Apps are both paid and non paid some of their features are paid and non paid. 

Today I will tell you about Best Photo Editing Apps both free and paid, so you can choose which one suits your photo editing needs the most but before we start let’s understand the meaning of Photo Editing App?

Photo Editing Apps

Photo Editing App is an application for digital photos. It is used to crop and Edit  photos,as well as organize them into albums, Collages and slideshows.

For a business, this means you can create a great visual strategy, displaying your products in a professional way by using your phones. 

Techniques for Photo Editing 

  • Colour balance: Adjust the level of intensity across the colour spectrum 
  • Exposure : Adjust the brightness which applied on photos
  • Noise / Grain : Indicates the level of detail or distortion between pixels
  • Saturation :Indicates the dramatic appearance of all colours
  • Cropping : Adjust the dimensions of the photos
  • Burning / Dodging : Adjust the contrast between lightness and darkness 

So there are these Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps :

  1. Snapseed : This Photo Editing App is owned by Google and free for all the users. This app provides the powers for Photo Editing just like a Computer Editor with the easy to use filters. 

           In addition, there are many tools             available for professional photographers that only exist in expensive Photo Editing Softwares for free.

           The bestest is that it is free to use and does not contain Ads. After    downloading and installing, there are tutorials available for beginners. 

  1. Adobe Lightroom : The Adobe Lightroom Photo Editing App provides both facilities free and premium.This app allows you to adjust the light, detail, color, distortion and grain of your photo. 

It is best for professional photographers and those wanting to make quick pro adjustments. This app is very useful for professional Photo Editors because it has many Editing Tools. 

            Adobe Lightroom works as a cloud storage because it provides you the storage of your entire gallery photo and access to full resolution files on your devices. Also a great learning platform. 

  1. VSCO : This Photo Editing App is an excellent alternative to the default camera app. This app takes great photos, and provides lots of editing tools. It is also a free premium app. 

This cam app has great Photo sharing features through Instagram, Facebook, Email or Twitter and also through all those apps which your devices use for sharing photos. 

The VSCO cam app has its Journal where you can get tips and check out inspirational photography taken by others. 

  1. Adobe PhotoShop Express :This Photo Editing App is free to use.

It is making quick, easy and powerful Photo Edits and Creating Collages.

            It has filters called Looks, which you  can use from an array of adjustment and correction options to touch up your Photos. 

Also it has basic crop and rotation tools. You can also save your photos and instantly share them  through social media.

  1. Pixlr : This Photo Editing App is free. It is most popular and has a wide range of different Photo effects, overlays and filters which you can use to create truly unique and visually appealing photos. 

           It provides a lot of features,also layers 

           and color replacement tools. This app allows you to add photos to blank canvas, to create unique effects and filters on it. 

            By the use of doodle, pencil drawing and ink sketching tools you can style your photo. You can share your photo instantly to social media networks. 

  1. PicsArt : This Photo Editing App is both free and Paid. It has gold features which gives you thousands of stickers,Collages, masks and frames. 

            In addition, it has tutorials and a daily Photo Editing challenge to help you brush up your skills and a library of Photos which you can Edit yourself. 

           It helps you to change white equalization, tone, editing etc from there. You can save your Edits Photo and also share it on PicsArt with other social media sites. 

  1. Afterlight :This Photo Editing App is free to download. It has an extensive collection of natural filters and the editing tools which are designed with simplicity in mind. 

The tools for colour, exposure, composition and structure are rather comprehensive, including layers, curves and selective hue. The stickers are simple but a variety of stickers are available , and text having numerous fonts, both can be edited for color, opacity, placement, size and rotation. 

You can undo, redo your action by history rollback. 

  1. Instagram :This App is free to use,and best for enhancing your Photo right before you share it. 

It has a good range of colour and black and white filters for changing the look and feel of your Photos. 

It also has a set of editing tools by which you can adjust exposure, colour and sharpness, also crop, rotate, straighten and correct perspective options available.

  1. Google Photos :This App is built to save and share photos and includes a built in editing feature.The Editing tools can help to Edit the light, color, brightness and more in Photos which automatically backup itself in it. 

            If you have ever lost all your media files when the phone died or misplaced,but if you have this app then all your data will be recovered because it has an automatically  backup option available. It is also one of our top choices for the best photo storage and sharing sites. 

  1. Prisma : This Photo Editing App is free to use and has artificial neural networks which enables users to make photos appear into unique networks . It is best for turning photos into artistic paintings and drawings. 

            This app has its community where you can share your Edited Photos and also share it on other social media platforms.

It is last but not least in the top 10 Photo Editing Apps. 

This app uses the styles of world famous artists and ornaments patterns such as Munk, Picasso etc. 


Today’s there are so many Photo Editing Apps but I will tell you about the top 10 trendy apps. 

To find the best one for you try one by one all of these and make sure you know what you want to have in your photo editing. 

At last stick to one or two apps to become highly skilled in photo editing. 

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